In case of first order we provide a 30-days-long warranty for XXL Powering Emperor . This means that 100% of the price will be refunded of the ordered XXL Powering Emperor- not including postage. So 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered in order to make you become 100% satisfied. Our interest is to make you happy, that's why we created a product that makes your life better. However, in case you ask for the refund of the price of XXL Powering Emperor, more orders can not be given for the product any more. If not satisfied with the product, please create a package with the following:

- A request with your name and adress/telephone number and please write down the fact that you claim your money back

- The opened XXL Powering Emperor  package

- All the XXL Powering Emperor scatules left intact

Please return everything to the address from where you received the package. Please do not send cash on delivery, because we reject the packets. The package has to be checked before we approve the cash back.

The amount will be returned by post within 5 working days. Our goal is your satisfaction and we trust in XXL Powering Emperor and in you. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us:

via email:  or telephone

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Choose the amount of capsule

Basic Package - 12 capsules
55 EUR
Lifestyle package - 16 capsules
60 EUR
Buffalo Package - 20 capsules
76 EUR
SPRING SALE : 12+4 pack
59 EUR
SPRING SALE: 12+8 pack
65 EUR
1 Libido Deluxe Lubricant Gel + 8 Capsules
45 EUR
1 Libido Deluxe Lubricant Gel + 12 Capsules
60 EUR
1 Libido Deluxe Lubricant Gel + 16 Capsules
63 EUR


If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packaging.

Medically certified product

The XXL Powering capsules are certified and registered products.

Discreet packaging

We deliver Your product in discreet packs, You won't be embarrassed because of us!


With the help of our contracted partners, You get your capsules on time!