XXL Powering Emperor is a potency enhancement capsule that is OÉTI registered (registration number: 13433/2013  - NIFNS registration number - Hungary).


 There are several reasons for becoming impotent

 Psychological reasons


A psychic origin of potency disorder  - according to the experts opinion – is found at more than 15% of the patients. This value is proven by international figures as well.

The condition may be associated with physical reasons on a longer term.

The problem can be independent from the partner and can be linked to the partner as well.

 In general at home or any other familiar place things are all right, but one fails in a new relationship or in unusual situations.


But the reverse is not uncommon.

Who does not know the stories that the husband can only be with "in any meaningful way" the neighbor lady? It is quite often that someone's wife is pretty, but he pays out large amounts of energy to get new partners as often as possible - often without sorting – in order to prove his full value because at home he failed in anything.

It is often that the wife is the reason of impotency who thinks sexual life is a duty, not a pleasure.

This category includes injuries sustained in one’s psychosexual development.


Hormonal reasons


This includes the lack of male sex hormones, or sex hormones’ male and female ratio is shifted towards the female sex hormones. Such patients rarely seek medical advice. Usually the disease reveals inadvertently which can be explained with the lack of sexual desire caused by the hormones. These men have no disease awareness.  If we find such a patient - after hormone-level definition – the solution can be adding the missing hormone or spurring hormone production by stimulating the body in order to restore the balance.


Options for impotence cure


The treatment of impotence must be a "goal-oriented" method based on international standards and recommendations. Thus, an urologist has to role out any infections or anatomical abnormalities than the urologist has to resolve the problem quickly. In the first period it is unnecessary choosing  time-consuming, expensive and often inconvenient testing procedures, but simpler methods (such as pills, injections vasodilator) are perfect for the first period of healing. Difficult tests should be done at the time when the type of surgery has to be chosen.


The treatment process


The first step is recording the history of disease, the so called "exploration." Then we outline the alternative treatment options to the patient. Such as usage of oral (red, blue, yellow, orange) tablets or injections of different types to the cavernous body of penis. In this case other illnesses should be taken into account, in particular heart and circulatory problems and the prescribed medicines or blood clotting disorders.


The use of oral formulations is simple, but setting the right dose is harder. For example, the well-known tablets are produced in different strengths. To achieve the best effect (optimal and long erection) the lowest dose should be used in order to avoid side effects. In case tablets treatment is not an option for some reason, the injection cure can be the solution. In a number of cases life-long treatment is needed. If pills or injections don’t help further medical investigation is needed - 20% of patients affected.




If the corpora cavernosa injections are inefficient, severe organic disorder is likely. Then comes the ultrasonic penis arterial blood flow measurement or filling the corpora cavernosa with a contrast material. So that doctors can make sure that blood intake disorder or venous escape causes the trouble. In these cases, surgery is needed. In the aspect of the test results previously revascularisation (arterial reconstructive surgery) was done, but because of the stressful procedure and the disappointing results today it is ousted from among the possible solutions. Surgery can be done to eliminate the vein that causes blood-escape or penile prostheses (silicone mat) implantation.


No one should be afraid by hearing the word „prosthesis” which is unfortunately colloquially known as "splints" – artifical leg, limb prosthesis, dental prosthesis for example. The prosthetic penis is just the opposite. Silicone specially developed for this purpose, silicone or silicone-dacron "structure"is to be implanted In the cavernous bodies of penis that preserves the original shape of the penis is not noticeable from the outside. The owner feels pleasure and copulates during sexual intercourse as he had adequate erection normally. So it provides the only missing condition, the erection.


A sexual relationship needs sex drive and feeling pleasure, but let’s say these are given. The uninitiated sexual partner does not notice the prothesis. Today we have a full range of denture types: flexible ones, silver fiber stiffened ones, hydraulic ones produced in the USA, etc. So for those who can’t be cured any other way but want reliable resultsways this is the best solution.


Studies show that 20% of patients are curable with surgery only. It is known that 50% of those who are suffering from diabetes for a long period (8-10 years) have potency disturbances. In the USA where we have tens of thousands of replacement surgery occurred, according to studies of such patients who were undergoing such operations, their satisfaction index is 95%.


Today it is clear that impotence is curable or has become a manageable disease. If someone decides to get rid of the trouble at a point of the evaluation and treatment range can expect certain and good results. The feelings of shame and modesty are to be set aside because this is not a specific problem and most cases can be cured relatively easily.


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