Turn Her On

Turn Her On

AskMen's ultimate video know-how with da rules.


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No.10 Don't Be Afraid To Ask

Every woman is unique, with her own sexual fantasies and desires. Some women like to be tied up. Others like to dominate. There's no general rule that applies to all woman. That's why you have to ask her what turns her on. Just that simple question will probably do the trick. There's nothing sexier than a guy willing to please and live out her fantasy.


No.9 Exercise Together

Sure, feeling good about yourself and having good body image is a big part of feeling in the mood. But being more comfortable with your body doesn't just lead to more frequent sex; it also leads to better sex.

No.8 Encourage Her Comfort

Most women are fairly open-minded; they just need to feel comfortable and safe in order to experiment sexually. It's your responsibility to encourage her comfort and ensure her that how she feels is a priority for you. If you're counting on her going down on you excitedly while you lie back with your hands behind your head, you're not going to get her best performance.

No.6 Know Your Positions

It's always nice when a girl can teach you a thing or two. Maybe she's flexible and showing you positions you've only imagined experiencing. Hey, we can dream, right? But there are certain position you need to know in order to really turn her on.

No.5 Kiss Creatively

By now you should know how to kiss. And by kiss, we don't mean a peck on the cheek. We mean full-on, I'm-about-to-rip-your-clothes-off kiss. You can literally make her weak in the knees without anything more than some good mouth-to-mouth action.

No.4 Touch Her There

Sure, not all women like the same things. They don't all like to be touched in the same places. But science has termed some pretty safe bets on certain erogenous zones. These include her hair, her neck, her ears and her butt.

No.3 Get To Know Her (G) Spot

Get to know how to slowly turn her on and warm her up before moving right in. Here are some tips on how to touch and lick her lightly in order to make sure she's fully ready for the main show.

No.2 Use Your Size

No, you don't have to be huge to turn her on. Women respond more to how you touch them and how you use your package than to the size itself. Make sure if you're smaller than average, you use these positions to your advantage.

No.1 Use Your Hands

Don't underestimate what your hands can do to really bring her to the edge. Like pretty much everything else on this list, the slower you go, the better. Take at least five minutes to touch her everywhere except in between her legs. But when you do get there, here's what you do. In detail.

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